AA Route Planner basic information

Welcome to our website. This site has all the information about AA Route Planner you will need to find the best route to take to get to any destination in England, Ireland, or any of the other countries of the European Union. On our AA Route Planner page there is also a short video showing how to use the features to plan and print out your driving directions. You can find out more on AA Route Planner at Wikipedia, Youtube and AA.com.

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AA Route Planner use

When using the AA Route Planner, you simply enter the start and end points in the boxes in the upper left corner, and click on the “get route” button. A route is then highlighted on the map to the right. The map is interactive, and you can easily move it around and zoom in and out. You can also change it from a simple map to a satellite picture of the route with the roads overlaid on top of the picture. On the left, a detailed route appears with step by step instructions which you may print out to take with you. Just below the boxes you used to fill in your starting and destination points, you have other options, such as finding a route which avoids motorways. If you take just a little time to explore the site, you will see that there is a wealth of other information at your fingertips.

AA Route Planner history

AA Route Planner

Handwritten AA Route Cards


The AA Routes service was introduced in the early twentieth century. It was introduced to provide members with information regarding travel directions. Originally the AA Route services were introduced in the form of AA patrols. AA patrols could be consulted for verbal directions and advice. Soon after the introduction of the AA Routes service in 1910, AA paper routes were launched to provide members with reliable directions due to the lack of signposts. This change in the AA Route services happened in 1912 and coincided with AA Classifications of hotels and restaurants. These early paper routes were personalized itineraries and sometimes town maps and “day drives” were provided.

AA Route Planner in 1920s

In 1920s, After a few years of the introduction of AA Routes the new system became a huge success and the membership of the AA increased rapidly. With the introduction of handwritten cards detailing the information between 2 different points the AA Routes became widely used. The increased demand lead to the need for printed cards. As a result 7,000 printed route cards were launched. Also more than half a million routes were added to the AA Routes service every year.

AA Route Planner

AA Route Planner


In 1925 the Foreign Routes Service was introduced and covered the main routes in France. With help from associated overseas clubs and traveling members, two AA staff members were able to log a large number of routes. This service grew to eventually provide routes for as far away as Africa, India and beyond.

AA Route Planner in 1930s and 1940s

AA Route Planner

Printed Town AA Route Maps from 1947

Strip maps introduced in the 1930s resulted in more reliable route information. After a few years after the introduction of Strip maps, progressive mileages were added to them which resulted to the demand of these maps to over 6,000,000 per year. But during the Second World War the demand for these maps decreased rapidly.

AA Route Planner in 1950s

The end of the world war resulted in the rise of demand for AA Routes. The demand also increased at an alarming rate at the time of patrol rationing in the 1950s. An introduction of places of interests was also added to the maps during this time.

AA Route Planner in 1960s

AA Route Planner

In 1960s, With the expansion of motorways, the 1960s was a remarkable period for AA Routes as the demand rose from 4,000 in 1949 to 221, 387 in 1965. The 1960s also saw the introduction of AA “throughroute” maps which were based on the maps of 55 different towns. These maps showed the routes from the towns to over 500 destinations. This period also saw the evolution of Route Books which was the collection of the most essential routes and also the best driving routes.

In 1970s, A range of overseas “Through route” maps were introduced in 1975 with major routes from the main Channel ports.

AA Route Planner in 1980s

In 1980s, With the introduction of the computer, the home route services were computerized in 1984 and soon Overseas Routes in the year 1987. Massive numbers of maps were transferred in to computers. These maps comprised many separate sheets.

AA Route Planner in 1990s

In 1990s, The year 1990 was when the home and overseas routes were amalgamated. A route processing unit was started in the city of Bristol. Soon the team of researchers joined the Basingstoke cartographic department. Also a team of 15 was introduced by AA route services to collect the information on roads and routes by driving. 1999 saw the decision for all the maps to be available for free to non members as well as members. Today the main objective of the team is to gather information on the ground for maximum reliability of the maps.

AA Route Planner in 2000s

In 2000s, The demands increased at a breathtaking rate and in the year 2000 a massive number of 4.5 million maps were generated to satisfy the needs of the people. This was nearly 18 times the number of the maps produced in 1999. With the introduction of GLOBAL POSITION SYSTEM technology the transformation of maps to the system was made easier. The number of volunteers increased rapidly to generate around 171 million routes a year. 2005 also saw the introduction of more innovative and reliable mapping technologies.  This was made possible by the introduction of street level routing. This resulted in the introduction of the latest method of planning the routes in online which made possible to calculate a route from any street or zip code. This time also show the introduction of more detailed mapping system. This allowed users to take more detailed map of the country and came within instant links to place of interest.

AA Route Planner in 2010

AA Route Finder

The Current AA Route Planner Incorporates Google Maps

The year 2010 sees the AA Route Planner creating it’s 1 billionth route accessed online. It is now providing free online directions to vehicle drivers. This resulted in the massive number of requests for the designing of another 16 million motor routes per month. It has significantly helped motorists over the past 10 years by helping them to travel up to a distance of 125 billion miles. This is equivalent to driving around the world over 5 and half million times or 700 return trips to the sun from earth.. So AA Routes has made traveling an easier and more attractive experience by providing faster and more reliable sources of information through the Route Planner, online maps and road information.

Traveling is the best way to find amazing and wonderful new places and things. But if you lose your way it can also result in frustration. Today there are many websites, tourist centres and gadgets which will give you complete information on places that you want to visit. Some also give you maps and routes of the places you are going. However, as traveling is all about unfamiliar lands the information which is provided to you must be reliable and easy to understand.

The main advantage of the AA Route Planner is that it will help you to plan your journey systematically. It will also help you to gather the information regarding everything you need to know which includes coffee shops, restaurants, amusement parks, shortcuts and what’s more it will send you information regarding traffic blocks if you are using AA Route Planner.